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Good food is an integral part of the Greek and Mediterranean life and culture, maybe even more so in Crete which grows so many high quality vegetables and fruit as well as wild vegetables and wild herbs. And of course one staple is the best olive oil in the world (move over Italy!). Then you have the wonderful cheeses made with milk from free range goats and sheep (feeding on these wild herbs). These last two species will also often end their happy free roaming life in the pot.  And when you tire of this excellent meat move on to the fresh fish, unless you prefer to explore the huge range of vegetarian dishes that are a large part of the Cretan cooking culture.  Good food may not be a religion but it comes pretty close.

Inevitably a city, be it Chania, Heraklion or Rethymnon, will have far more eating places than smaller villages and the intense competition is a positive influence on the quality of what is on offer.

This is a long introduction to say that you can eat superbly in Chania, and you can do this is a lot of different places and always for very reasonable prices (provided that you stay away from large fancy fishes which can cost a lot).  There are a few places that may be best avoided but they are a minority and you’ll find warnings in the Restaurant page.

Cafés are everywhere, part and parcel of a life style where people spend a lot of time meeting socially outside their homes…in cafés for example.

Bars are a slightly rarer breed but you will find them easily if you look for them.

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