Actor Confidentiality Agreement

A confidentiality agreement, short for NOA, allows parties to work contractually on something that transmits important internal details and secrets to third parties. In films, this is very important because writers, directors and producers want to protect their script. In addition, they may also want to prevent things from being corrupted in the interest of storytelling, and generally use NDAs to link occupation and crew to their word. If an NDA is broken, legal action can be taken against the aggressor, and that helps manufacturers do so. Beyond the implementation of copyrights, the filing of its scripts with a central agency and the manufacture of backup copies, an NDA prevents leaks from the inside, making it an excellent and necessary option in the field of film production! Confidentiality agreements are generally presented as standard documents that workers must sign as a condition of employment, although some workers protest. Thus, a multi-year agreement for the production company behind the business reality show “Shark Tank” identifies confidential information as information directly related to the show, such as the names of participants, the business ideas of the participants and the results of the episodes, as shown by a copy of the agreement verified by the Times. But David Krause-Leemon, an attorney for Sherman Oak, who also checked the language, called the terms of the deal “pretty standard” for Hollywood, though he said it would appear to be written in a way that would make the workers believe – wrongly – they couldn`t complain. A common thread in confidentiality agreements is the use of arbitrations or other private dispute resolution procedures. For some projects, actors may sign a confidentiality agreement (or NOA) before receiving the pages or hearings for the game. There are a few ways to close an NDA with your pages. Agreements for the manufacturer of the Shark Tank and the United Talent Agency require that all disputes relating to confidential information be managed in arbitration, a private system in which testimony, documents and judgments are not available to the public. DiCaprio`s consent does not require arbitration, but requires that all disputes be dealt with in court, with the court record sealed and a protective order prohibiting the disclosure of confidential information.

Some confidentiality agreements describe the consequences of their violation. The agreement for DiCaprio`s company stipulates that contractors must pay $250,000 to the actor if they violate the agreement, while the “Shark Tank” agreement required a payment of $5 million, a sum the document calls “fair average compensation for every damage” that could result from an infringement. A spokeswoman for MGM Television, which now produces Shark Tank, declined to comment on the document. From the date, this agreement, entitled “Film Non-Disclosure Agreement”, will be enforceable at the signing. The parties that depend on the agreement are the “producers” (The Production Company) – and “The Recipient” (this includes members who are required to sign an NDA.) A freelance technician called the DiCaprio deal “sinister” because it appeared to protect DiCaprio from lawsuits or other actions due to inappropriate behavior. According to the document, confidential information includes information about the actor, his family and friends, his businesses and even “the existence of the contractor`s commercial and/or personal relationship with DiCaprio.” The document also states that a long list of “offensive/inappropriate material” is also confidential information.

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