Schedule 7 Network Agreement

The BMA NCP Manual, which marks the beginning of a number of resources that they will make available in the coming weeks to support primary supply networking practices. The manual provides detailed guidelines for those who are beginning to discuss networking, with reflection, risk options and opportunities, and should be used to inform decisions on governance, structures, employment models, funding flows, etc. In the coming weeks, the GPC will provide practical tools and advice to firms and NCPs to frame the content of the manual to meet your specific needs. Read Krishna Kasaraneni`s blog here. One of the requirements of the Network Contract DES specifications for 2020/21 is for NCPs to agree on how to work with local municipal service providers, mental health service providers and community pharmacy providers. Compliance with this requirement must be demonstrated by indicating, in Schedule 7 of the NCP Network Agreement, how the service requirements of the DES are met through integrated work, including communication channels and agreed decision-making processes. One area where this is particularly relevant is the requirement for NCPs to form multidisciplinary teams to support the provision of improved health care in care homes. If you would like to learn more about PCN structures and agreements and how we can help you in general, please contact our specialist team. The following documents were developed to support decision-making under Network Plan 1, Part 7.

NCPs must enter into a network agreement. This is a pro forma agreement that is updated every year without night. There should be timetables that can be shaped so that different parties can indicate how they will deal with network issues, such as . B: as explained by NHS England and the BMA (2019) in the framework of the investment and development policy: a five-year framework for the reform of the GP contract implementing the long-term plan of the NHS, The contract update confirms that they have committed to “modifying the DES network contract from 2020/21 to include cooperation with non-GP suppliers as a requirement and that the network agreement will form the formal basis for cooperation with other non-GP providers and community-based organisations. We assume that, in many cases, NCPs are already working with local non-GP suppliers and that they have agreements on what is going on. Starting in April 2020, NCPs will need to agree with their local municipal service providers, mental health providers and pharmacies how they will work together to strengthen these relationships to meet the requirements of the DES network contract. The network agreement model provides details of the NCP`s decision-making locally and registers it in Schedule 1.

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