Proverb Agreement

Many foreigners have studied proverbs to recognize and understand the cultural values and worldview of cultural communities. [259] These outsiders are confident that by studying proverbs, they have acquired knowledge about local cultures, but this is not universally accepted. [256] [260] [261] [262] [263][264] Children sometimes literally interpret proverbs, without knowing how to understand the conventional metaphor. The interpretation of the proverbs is also influenced by brain lesions and diseases, “A mark of schizophrenia is an interpretation of the altered proverb.” [46] In the 19th century, a growing number of scholars published collections of proverbs, as published by Samuel Adalberg, collections of Yiddish proverbs (1888 and 1890) and Polish proverbs (1889-1894). Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the Anglican bishop in Nigeria, published a collection of Yoruba proverbs (1852). He published a collection of Finnish proverbs (1842). Some artists used anti-proverb proverbs and proverbs for titles in their paintings, which alluded to a proverb instead of photographing it. For example, Vivienne LeWitt painted a piece called “If the shoe doesn`t fit, you have to change your foot?”, which shows neither foot nor shoe, but a woman who counts her money while considering different possibilities when buying vegetables. [172] Too much correspondence kills the cat. Eldridge Cleaver In many cultures, proverbs are so important and so important that there are proverbs about proverbs, that is, “metaproverbs.” The most famous is from Yoruba of Nigeria, “the proverbs are the horses of the language, if communication is lost, we use proverbs to find them,” used by Wole Soyinka in Death and the King`s Horsemen.

In the bibliography of Mieder`s proverbs, there are twelve publications that describe the metaproverbs. [209] Other metaproverbs are: In English, the proverb (or rather the beginning of the adage), if the shoe matches, was used as the title for three albums and five songs. Other English examples of the use of proverbs in music[151] are Elvis Presleys Easy come, easy go, Harold Robees Never swap horses when they cross a river, the absence of Arthur Gillespie makes love the heart, Bob Dylans Like a rolling stone, Cher`s apples fall not far from the tree. Lynn Anderson made famous a song full of proverbs, I never promised you a rose garden (written by Joe South). In choral music, we find Michael Torke`s proverbs for the woman`s voice and the ensemble. A number of blues musicians have also used proverbs extensively. [152] [153] The frequent use of proverbs in country music has led to published studies of proverbs in this genre. [154] [155] Reggae artist Jahdan Blakkamoore recorded a piece called Proverbs Remix. The opera Maldobra contains a careful use of proverbs. [156] An extreme example of many proverbs used to compose songs is a song almost exclusively composed of proverbs that Bruce Springsteen pronounces: “My best was never good enough”. [157] The Mighty Diamonds recorded a song that was simply called “proverbs.” [158] Although many of the proverbs of the scholarship are made by literature researchers, those who study the human mind have used proverbs in a variety of studies. [284] One of the oldest studies in this field is the Gorham Proverbs Test, developed in 1956.

A similar test is prepared in German. [286] [286] [288] [288] [288] to study children`s cognitive development[289] measure the outcomes of brain injury[290] and study how the mind processes figurative language. [46] [291] [292] Some of the many proverbs that are adapted and used in advertising are: Another type of grammatical construction is wellerism, a speaker and a quotation, often with an unusual circumstance, as the following, a representative of a corrugated proverb found simonically in many languages: “The bride could not dance; She said, “The ground is not flat.” [49] As with other forms of literature, proverbs have also been used as important linguistic units in theatres and films.

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