Consortium Agreement Mizzou

This agreement is made available to students who must complete part of their studies on a non-MSU site. Talk to your advisor or department head to find out if your program is a co-operative program. A list of approved programs and sites is also available on the Office of Student Financial Aid website. Maybe. A consortium agreement is a written agreement between two schools, in which one school offers part of the teaching to students enrolled in the other who graduate, and the school that issues the diploma or certificate of aptitude agrees to grant the student recognition for this teaching/course work. The consortium also sets out the conditions under which financial aid is granted for the courses in question. If you are receiving financial assistance and would like to receive this assistance to cover the other school`s expenses, contact student financial assistance at 314-516-5526. Participants who do not participate in any of the programs listed above must choose “Others.” This agreement is only available to eligible Pell or Teach students who are enrolled in the selection of students at another accredited university. Only the classes necessary for your subscription and transfer for MSU credits are taken into account as part of a consortium agreement.

Please check the terms of the consortium agreement before filing an application for a consortium agreement. You should have your consortium application activated until the first week of the semester when you are registered in doubles. If you are taking courses at another school for your studies while attending the MSU, you can receive financial assistance for all classes if you apply. A consortium agreement is a written agreement between two accredited universities/institutions that recognizes the combined enrolment of a student for granting purposes. The HOME institution is the place where the student graduates and is responsible for the management of financial aid. In the host institution, you take courses temporarily. They can only receive financial assistance from one school at a time.

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