Comcast Residential Customer Service Agreement

XFINITY ® prepaid service (the “Service”) you (“you,” “your” or “customer”) is made available to you (“You,” “your” or “customer”) under the terms of this contract for the XFINITY prepaid service (the “contract”) by the subsidiary of Comcast Corporation`s operating company that owns and/or operates the cable television system near you (“Comcast,” “we” For the purposes of this agreement, “affiliate” means any entity controlled by Comcast Corporation, controlled by comcast Corporation or under common control. The service does not include comcast or controlled websites such as and These services and websites have their own terms of use and policies. They return all Xfinity equipment to us in our local service center or our operating agent, normal wear except within ten (10) days (or five (5) business days for Prince Georges County, Maryland) after the date on which services are separated. If you do not return Xfinity equipment, unrfired equipment will be charged. Comcast, as the owner of Xfinity Equipment, has the right at all times to recover all devices that are not returned. On our request during normal opening hours on a date agreed between you and us, you and our agent allow us and our agent access to the premises in order to remove all Xfinity equipment and other equipment that we make available. Most Xfinity ins Internet customers have a data limit of 1 TB, which corresponds to a virtually unlimited amount of data, which corresponds to a 21-hour streaming of 21 hours per day. However, if you want to check the actual usage of your data for the month or just see what else a terabyte of data can get, go here. a. XFINITY Equipment. You agree that all XFINITY equipment, with the exception of inside wiring or equipment you purchased, belongs to us or other third parties and is not considered devices or in any way part of the premises. XFINITY Equipment refers to all software or “downloads” of enderart customer equipment or XFINITY Equipment, as well as all new or obsolete devices installed, provided or leased to you by us or our agents, including, but not limited to, wiring or wiring and associated electronic devices, cable modems, cable modems, wireless gateways/routers and any other equipment except customer equipment.

You agree to use XFINITY Equipment only for service in accordance with this Agreement. We may, at our discretion, remove or modify XFINITY equipment at any time if the service is active or at the end of your service. You agree that our addition or removal or modification of the XFINITY device may interrupt your service. You cannot sell, rent, give up or give away XFINITY equipment or allow other video, high-speed data or phone service providers to use XFINITY equipment. XFINITY equipment can only be used on the premises. At your request, we can move XFINITY equipment to the premises for a fee. YOU UNDERSTAND AND RECOGNIZE THAT IF YOU TRY TO INSTALL OR USE XFINITY EQUIPMENT OR SERVICE AT A LOCATION OTHER THAN THE PREMISES, THE SERVICE MAY FAIL TO FUNCTION OR MAY FUNCTION IMPROPERLY.

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