Collective Agreement Bc

(b) a trade union council composed of unions that are parties to collective agreements may at any time be authenticated in place of these unions. 133 (1) If, as a result of a request or appeal by an interested party, pursuant to Section 14 of this code or any other provision of this code or regulation, or by law, the board is satisfied that a person has violated that code, a collective agreement or the provisions, he may, at his own discretion, apply one or more of the following provisions. 8. , the parties must abstain or cease any strike or lockout activity, and the terms of the collective agreement that is recommended or concluded under this subsection are mandatory for the parties. 3. Where an application is not made under subsection 2, workers in the unit for which a trade union of craftsmen or professionals is the bargaining partner under this section are excluded from another unit for collective bargaining purposes and are not considered members of another entity within the meaning of this Code. 2. In order to promote the objective set out in point 1, an arbitration body must take into account the actual substance of the facts at issue and the respective benefits of the parties` positions under the collective agreement and apply principles consistent with the labour relations policy of this Code and is not bound by a strict legal interpretation of the issue at issue. (a) which, after the earlier date of publication of the opening of collective bargaining and the date on which negotiations begin, cease or cease, 46 (1) Any contracting party, whether concluded before or after the entry into force of this code, may at any time, within four months immediately before the expiry of the collective agreement, by written notification , require the other party to engage in collective bargaining.

7. If the parties do not accept the terms of the transaction recommended by the Ombudsman or if a first collective agreement is not concluded within 20 days of the subsection report (6), the Associate Chairman must direct a method described in point 6 (b) for the resolution of the dispute. (a) order a person to do anything to comply with the code, collective agreement or regulation, or to refrain from any act, act or omission in violation of that code, collective agreement or regulation; 27.1 (1) Despite paragraph 27, paragraph 1, point c), the union may ask the board of directors that the collective agreement expire when a union is approved for a bargaining unit appropriate to the section 19 application and the duration of the collective agreement is two years or more, the union may apply to the board of directors for an order declaring the collective agreement expiry. Paragraph 34, paragraph 33, applies to the revocation of collective agreement rights where a union is a party to a collective agreement but is not certified for workers covered by the collective agreement. (h) to encourage the resolution of the dispute and, with the agreement of the parties, the arbitration body may, at any time, resort to mediation, mediation or other procedures during the arbitration process to facilitate the settlement. (2) Despite subsection 1 (c) and except where the union part of the collective agreement obtains certification, the rights and obligations conferred or imposed by the collective agreement on the union side of the collective agreement are extinguished, with respect to that union, and are imposed on the union certified or imposed as a bargaining partner. As long as this agreement persists, there must be no strikes or lockouts. Please note that the Board of Directors now only accepts collective agreements in electronic form. The name of the document must contain the name of the employer, the name of the Union (or acronym) and the duration of the agreement (for collective agreements) or the date of the accompanying documents (e.g. B.Employers.Union.2019-2022.pdf).

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