Agreement Of Share Sale

The structure of a company`s shares is often found in the company`s statutes. Each of the parties confirms that this agreement, the disclosure letter and all the documents covered in this agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and that they terminate in writing all drafts, agreements, commitments, assurances, guarantees and agreements of any kind, equivalent or not. between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. all know-how, trade secrets and confidential information (in any form), including, but not limited, to financial and technical information, plans, formulas, test or reporting results, project reports and testing methods, information on how a product works, process, invention, improvement or development, guidance and training manuals , tables of operating conditions, information on portfolio and intellectual property strategy, market forecasts, supplier lists and revenue targets, sales statistics, prices, discounts, margins, future business strategy, tenders, price-sensitive information, market research reports, research and development information, as well as business development reports and any information directly derived from each of them The buyer will inherit the company from the seller. , which means that it also inherits all the problems (such as unpaid tax bills) that exist at the time of sale. When buying all the shares of a company (100% of the shares), it is recommended to use the purchase of commercial agreements instead. The rights of third parties covered in point 6.9 are also governed by clauses 13 (transfer and transfer), 27 (current legislation) and 28 (jurisdiction). The parties to this agreement may revoke or amend by mutual agreement any clause of this agreement without the agreement of a third party. Even if the guarantees are beneficial, the party that gives them must be able to stick to them. If a buyer acquires shares, all the guarantees given by the seller are given by him personally. a large customer of the company who placed an order with the company during the “lookback” period and a company or other entity that negotiated with the company during the period following the conclusion (song of the agreement), there are a few steps that the buyer must take: 15.1. All references to the [A] content of this agreement are understood as references to the assignee. The seller and the companies here matter agree that a separate agreement is not necessary for such a transfer to take effect, but if other measures, consents or documents are necessary to complete such a transfer, the seller and the companies undertake to do so or to provide it.

Group company bargaining agreements in third-party retail properties related to the transaction Sellers cannot make claims against any of them in connection with the sale of the shares to the purchaser; are not the subject of a claim against a company in the group or against a director, employee, representative or officer of a company in the group on which one of the sellers signed up before accepting a clause in that agreement or authorizing a statement in the disclosure letter.

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